Friday, November 4, 2011


As some of you may have already heard, I had quite a scare this past Tuesday! I went to my routine doctors appointment to check up on baby Samantha when all of a sudden the nurse rushes in my room and asks me if I'm having any pains, in which I answered "No". Apparently the monitor I was hooked up to picked up on some VERY strong contractions. Considering I am not due for another 5 weeks, this was NOT good news, so the doc put me on some meds to control the contractions, pulled me from work and has me on strict bed rest! For those of you that know what a active person I am due to my mild case of OCD (lol), bed rest is like a prison sentence!!! But gotta follow doctors orders to assure baby Samantha doesn't arrive until she's ready to :) On the bright side, this bed rest will give me plenty of time to make some new minis. I plan on starting on a Christmas collection but before that I decided to whip out one more Halloween piece. Here's a Blood Dripped Candelabra that would go beautifully in a Castle, Witches House or any other creative scene you could come up with. As always this piece as well as the rest of my mini collection can be found in my Etsy store! Thanks for looking everyone!

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Janice said...

Keep your feet up and try not to worry both of my first two children were born 5 weeks early and it did them no harm at all. One is now six foot 2 and at university while my daughter is a sturdy five foot 8 and also at uni.
I am a great believer in babies come when they are ready rather than when we are!!