Thursday, July 21, 2011


The key to making a miniature scene look realistic is understanding that not everything can be perfect becuase lets face it, there's nothing perfect about "real life". Seeing as how I am still in the "bread making" mood, last night I made a basket of moldy bread that looks wonderfully gross! LOL

These MOLDY pieces can be found in my etsy store!


otterine said...

These look Oh, you know what I mean...they look like MOLDY BREAD! :D Nice work!

Eliana said...

Too bad the bread is moldy! LOL
I loved the effect you gave the bread, it is very realistic. : D

Sans! said...

100% with you on how imperfect is in fact perfection! :) Your mouldy bread is really gooooood! :)

MelyMel said...

Hai ragione,anche a me piace dare un effetto realistico alle mie miniature, ma stavolta sei riuscita a sorprendermi,non potevo credere ai miei occhi!!
Sei bravissima