Friday, August 20, 2010


This past Tuesday, I decided to pull out my Epoxy Resin and start to experiment and play with it. I always thought that mixing large amounts would be hard, becuase you have to have the EXACT amount of each in order for it to set properly, but it's alot easier to use than I thought. After mixing it I needed stuff to fill, so I filled a bunch of tea pots and tea cups and even played with created a "spilled" look. I also made some Halloween goodies. Here are a few pics of some things I made while experimenting.

                                                     "Bobbing For Apples"

How about Bobbing For EYEBALLS!

EYEBALL Specimens

Candy Corn

"Spilled" cup turned out nicely

Iced Tea For Two

All of these are available for sale in my Etsy shop :)


miniaturista said...

Muy bonitos tus trabajos, me han gustado mucho.
Un abrazo

ShellbyFay said...

These are great! They've turned out superb for you! Can I ask how you got the colours for the tea and the iced drinks? What did you use?

Clara said...

¡Excelentes experiemtos! Morder la manzana y té helado están muy, muy reales, todo lo de más tambien me ha gustado.
Besos Clara.

My Realitty said...

Love the iced tea especially!CM

peggy said...

Mel, you are on several of my groups and I see your creations often. I think you have reached a very professional stage with your creations. Your foods looks very edible and your Alice in Wonderland and Halloween ventures are very well done.

Lia e Alma said...

brava, oggetti unici...


No conocía la textura que aportaba la resina, la verdad es que tus trabajos con ella han quedado geniales. Un beso.