Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Thank GOODNESS for blogs! Without them I would not be able to boast about my new mini creation! LOL

Last night I attempted to make peaches (in mini of course) for the first time and I am absolutely thrilled with how they came out!

As usual, all these minis can be found in my Etsy Store!


Kim said...

Melanie- you have been so creative and busy lately! I love this- very realistic looking! I love the slices sitting in the juices/syrup. Wonderful job!!!

Mincka said...

Melanie, those are tooooo real to be mini LOL Great work dear.
and: i love those jars! where did you find those?

Mincka (printiesisters)

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! They are soooo real looking. Fantastic job Mel. You should be proud.


Los primeros!!pues parece que llevas toda la vida haciendolos, porque han quedado reales, reales. Enhorabuena! Un beso.

Regina Passy-Yip said...

regina Passy-Yip

Daisy said...

Oh Melanie!Is a wonderful work!