Wednesday, October 21, 2009


YUMMY YUMMY to my TUMMY! Halloween means Candy, LOTS of it and one of my favorites are Caramel Candy Apples, so naturally making it in miniature was an absolute must! Enjoy!

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Dlsarmywife said...

Mel, your caramel apples look scrumptious!!! I love them too. I like the super gigantic ones that are covered in chocolate too! =D

Mels Miniatures said...

Thanks Deborah! :) I've never seen them with Chocolate! Goodness what a combo, I LOVE chocolate!

TINK-SONIA said...

Mel me encantan tu nuevo trabajo,
en España también se toman en las fiestas, me traen recuerdos de la infancia,las tuyas son perfectas. Minibesos,Sonia

Daisy said...


sara marina said...

What great ideas you got! I especially love the empanadas! Great work!

Xenophon said...

Hello Hello,

WOW! I love your Mini foods. I am interested in making foods too. Yours are GREAT!!!!!!


Maria Paolone said...

Hi Mel,
My name is Maria and I live in Burbank...we're practically neighbors! LOL
I love your blog site but I would like to know how I can purchase some of your caramel apples, cookies in the tin and the braid of kings bread???
If you have a chance my email is:

Thanks, Maria